• Expertise : Office Manager
  • Experience : 40

Ciao! I was born in Italy and immigrated to beautiful Ottawa at the age of five.
I am the person who will greet you with my big smile when you enter our clinic.
My career has been an amazing journey. I have worked as a dental assistant for 6 yrs and Office Manager for the last 34 yrs.
This has given me the knowledge I require to help with all the patient’s needs, from dealing with their fears and concerns, all the way to understanding and helping with their inquiries about their treatment or insurance.
My sense of humour and passion for helping and caring for others has allowed me to enjoy my position and build great relationships with people.
At our clinic, we’re like a family, we truly enjoy what we do, and each other’s company.
The atmosphere makes it a great place to work and welcome our clients.
In addition, it’s awesome to work with knowledgeable professionals that care about the clients well being.
I love to socialize, laugh, chat and take care of everyone.

I love to travel in my spare time and spend time with my wonderful family. I’m the proud mother of 3 and a very exciting nonna to 2 beautiful baby boys.
If I’m not behind my desk, I’m off on vacation travelling to sunny Florida, the beautiful West of Canada where my children live, or off to Italy to see family back home. Retirement will be spent behind my desk more than halftime because I want to be with the staff and YOU, the clients
This is my home, happy to welcome everyone